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This site is Created by the joy of Badolato

Since we in 2007 moved into our house in Badolato, we have been captivated by the way life is lived in Calabria, the amazing nature, and a climate that makes any north of the Alps envious. For, not to mention food and wine.

Many have asked what sights there are in the area. Not so much the known southern Italian attractions like Mount Vesuvius, Riace and Alberobello, but more what is in Badolato or Catanzaro and environs.

We have spoken, heard and seen and then picked what we find most interesting, and we would recommend. Not that we stop here, but now we have gathered so much that it makes sense to share it with a wider audience than just those who borrow our house.

We know that many others also calls for a comprehensive attraction plan and hope to this page to be able to correct the problem. Everybody is welcome to link and refer, and to make suggest further options, corrections or comments on our blog.

Jeanne & Kristian Rath
Badolato & Denmark

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Badolato Borgo


The beach in Badolato

Waterfall in Bivongi

Calabrian Antipasto

Villa Collina Pool